Lucky was just that, a very fortunate dog whose family was migrating to America.  The process is arduous, time consuming and stressful and they did not want to leave their dog behind.  The children desperately wanted to keep him and the family needed lots of help.  Voices Out assisted in the process by sponsoring him during this period, providing his home and managing his care.  This was a unique process but was a rewarding opportunity to keep the family’s desire to stay together and not abandon him as they simply didn’t know what to do.  Ultimately, Lucky was looked after for 6 months, while the family moved to the United States and began to get settled.  Unfortunately, Lucky has sadly since passed away due to illness and all who were a part of his journey are very sad but at the same time know that many people dedicated themselves to keeping this family’s wish and gave Lucky his chance to be reunited with his family.  We are grateful to have been a part of his story.