It’s as though he was waiting for her and the life that she had planned for him and how he would also be there for her as well.    Jasper was saved on his last day at the shelter, a Red Listed case.  He was rescued and placed in a board / train environment so we could learn about him.  He didn’t have a great deal of socialization boundaries or structure but was very smart.  With ongoing commitment, he was able to learn to be a family member – hang out with the cats and other dogs both at home and in a packwalk with other dogs both smaller and larger than him.  He was being prepared to be placed into a loving home and what he still he needed to work on, his new Mommy was more than willing and patient to guide.   The most amazing thing is that many people wanted to adopt Jasper and it was a process trying to find the right fit for him.  One such person who was highly interested in him connected with our rescue to share a story of another dog named Buddy at the shelter who she had wanted to save but couldn’t and when we learned of this story, we explained that we would be able to help her as only a rescue could pull the dog.  It was a very special situation that we were able to save him and we would never have learned of him if we hadn’t had Jasper.  At the same time, within days of being saved, the lady who has now become Jasper’s Mommy emerged and we also learned about her desire and goals which were in complete alignment with Jasper.  It became very clear that his story and time with us was complete.  We are all very thankful that we had 2 very special people save these dogs and while it took us a while to connect the dots for Jasper – he had a larger purpose.  What a happy ending for this boy!