This boy went from life in a home for about 10 years and then ended up in the shelter when the owner became ill.  He was in the shelter for 1.4 years.  For most of that time, he waited and waited and no one cared to adopt him. About 14 months into the shelter, he was being handled by a volunteer and when approached from the back of his neck / leash area – he turned around and snapped at the man. This caused him to become a “rescue only”.  These cases are so much harder to break free from the shelter as a rescue has to come in and save them. One very special lady had discovered him and wanted to save him, she pleaded with the shelter, but they explained that he could not leave with her. She was very sad as she knew his age and and story.  This lady wanted to add another rescue to her home discovered Jasper, another another dog in our rescue, and contacted us.  We discussed her plans to adopt and Jasper’s needs and in conversation also learned about Buddy and how she desperately had wanted to help him. From that conversation, a plan formed to save him. With an assessment organized, one of our representatives accompanied her at the shelter to help facilitate the rescue if all were to go smoothly and just like that – we were able to save Buddy! What an amazing rescue that involved 2 dogs. Buddy is so very fortunate to be able to spend the rest of his days in the most caring and empathetic hands!