When all the dogs were jumping and barking in their kennels, crying for your attention, you’d often find her sitting or laying there quietly, waiting to be noticed.  The second your eyes met hers, she’d get on her feet and dance happily.  That’s just how Beignet is, always so happy, always so friendly.

She would greet everyone with her beautiful happy smile and her tail never stopped wagging!  And do we even need to say a word about those gorgeous brown eyes of hers?   She could get a bit silly sometimes and run around the  shelter yard happily when she was permitted to be out of a kennel.   But don’t think for a second she’s the athletic type, her favorite thing to do is cuddle on the bench and be a couch potato.  She was so  good and so patient, she even let the volunteers paint her nails!  Beignet was  just an incredibly sweet girl all around, she’s friendly when meeting other dogs too.  

Sadly, she’d been in the shelter system for almost a year.  It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think about how she had  spent that time of her life in the kennel, surrounded by concrete and not knowing if she will ever have a chance to have a home again…  She was available as “rescue only” because she was part of a case file.  (When an investigation has occurred due to dog related incidents which involve a hearing).   Without the help of a rescue, there would be no chance for her.  

Voices Out’s Shani Rigsbee, met Beignet and formed a very special bond and seeing the permanently embedded chain marks left around her neck from a life she lived before, Shani made a promise.  It was decided that she would no longer remain in the shelter and that she would be freed before the one year mark.   That began the foundation  for “Voices Out”, Beignet’s quiet voice was heard and after partnering with other rescues to save her, the foundation was laid for Beignet and so many like her to get their new beginning through the Non Profit.   While it was not known to Shani when she committed to saving Beignet and the plan was to ultimately find a loving home for her to spend the rest of her life, she later realized that the special home Beignet would ultimately share would be with her!   Beignet was adopted by Shani and her husband Andy and was also made the mascot for Voices Out.