Armenia Refugee Initiative

September 2016 — Voices Out traveled to Armenia to meet with refugees from Syria and Azerbaijan in Armenia. Voices Out has established a Youth Fellowship program to help refugee children in Armenia with art, music and sports activities.


To a young girl, taking a simple “Selfie” was the best way to connect and find common ground.  I loved the moment she asked me with just a gesture and I happily complied and also returned the request asking if I could also take one with my camera.  

Seeing the positivity in these kids’ faces gave me hope that no matter what curve balls life can throw, there is always a chance to find simple pleasures, to re-connect and to start again. And that sometimes just showing that people care to make a difference in someone’s life – actually does.

Voices Out will be launching its Refugee Youth Fellowship Initiative in Armenia to help young people who are starting over with support in music, art and sports activities. 

Future plans involve selecting gifted individuals with a mentorship to guide and foster their craft.  We look forward to helping shape young lives and inspire their own inner voices to fully express.

— Shani