Beautiful and dreamy-eyed Rose sat in the shelter for nearly 2 years!   She waited for someone to come to her aid and help her start over from a past that needed to be left behind.  Fortunately, there was love and care from some special volunteers at the shelter that lead her to the Voices Out Family and she was finally freed!  Rose loves to be close to you, yet also loves to finally be able to run, play and explore.  At 3 years old, she is so deserving of her new life!  She has shown herself to be a loving and sharing companion.  Playing with her other rescue friend who happens to be named Rosie, she can share and enjoy spending time with other dogs.   

UPDATE:  Rose has been adopted!  She has found her way into the heart of a wonderful family and now has to human sisters!  Her life will only be as sweet as a Rose can be from her on out!