Ashy has had a very difficult and  sad time in her short 2 years of life. Her family lost their home and she was surrendered to the shelter and in the nick of time, was saved by a relative who wasn’t able to keep her.  From there, she went to a foster home for a brief few days and was returned again to another relative to try and avoid the shelter who could not have a dog in their building.   When we learned of her story, she had been in multiple locations in a span of a couple weeks and a shelter stay that would not end well because she was under extreme stress in the shelter and would not “show well”.    We rescued her with the intent to help her find a safe and loving, forever home.  We placed her in one of the Voices Out team members homes to foster and she stayed for a period of about 5 months while seeking the right family who would be stable.  Ashy has been adopted by the most wonderful family and they are all a match made in heaven.  They were all meant to be together.   How wonderful it is that Ashy is found her way HOME SWEET and FOREVER HOME!