Success Stories

We are proud to share our most precious moments. Moments where Voices Out has made a true and lasting impact on the life, the health and the future of another soul.


Currently In Our Care

If you are interested in adopting or supporting any of the following precious animals currently in our care, please send us a message for additional information.


Teddy! This beautiful 4 year old shepherd mix looks like a walking Teddy Bear. He’s a beautiful boy. He deserves a wonderful home after being lost on the street and taken into shelter. His posting received thousands of views and shares and we were alerted of his story. The shelter was full and there was no time left for him after only a matter of days there! Teddy is a happy and gorgeous boy who will be adopted into a loving home – neutered, with all current shots and microchip.


This 1.5 year old beautiful boy has been rescued from a life of mostly neglect.   He has had very little interaction with other animals and was living in filthy conditions outside in the cold.  Since coming to the rescue, he has been interacting with other dogs and is a total love bug – a favorite at the vet and is so eager to have a special family who can show all the love he has to forever!