Augustus‘ Success Story

Gus Gus had been languishing in the shelter for nearly 8 months and while the volunteers there did their best to give him love, he was quite depressed and withdrawn and needed to be rescued in order to see the vet, gain some weight and to have a chance to start his new life.

The staff of the shelter and volunteers were so happy the day we, along with Tails to the Wind were able to free him as they knew he being 6 years old and a large breed dog, would have a very difficult time being rescued. Since then, he was able to get his full vet work up, work with his trainer, take baths which he loves and experience new relationships again. There were many people involved in the story of Gus Gus who have cared to get him to this point and we are so happy to see him be able to re-enter the world and learn to build trust and confidence again and be a loving companion.

We are reminded every day of the other dogs just like Gus Gus just waiting for their chance and are committed to helping as many as we can.


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