Beignet’s Success Story

Beignet had been in the shelter for one day shy of one year. While the shelter can be a stressful, loud and desperate environment, patient Beignet just sat peacefully wagging her tail waiting… just waiting for her chance.

When we were introduced to her through the volunteers at the shelter, we were enamored with her pure joy and happiness with being able to just simply connect with someone who cared and her constant tail wagging melted our hearts! Staring at her with the chain marks permanently embedded around her neck and chest from a previous life that didn’t seem positive, we made her a promise that she would not see the one year mark there. And so, along with our special relationship with Tails to Wind, we were able to rescue her one day shy of the one year!

She has since been to have her vet work up, worked with a trainer and has experienced new things like visiting a ranch! She has been able to feel real love and is on her path of her Furever home!