Annabel’s Success Story

This is Annabel…

Annabel, a fun-loving bulldog-shepherd mix a little more than 2 years old has spent 1.3 years in the shelter. She worked with the volunteer staff and showed that she could be a sweet, happy and energetic little girl but just needed someone to come along to give her another chance. Thankfully, we were able to be introduced to her and learn about her long term situation at the shelter which was seemingly going nowhere. She had been part of a case file in the past and though the case released and she could be adopted out, no one was coming for her.

The day finally came for Annabel to leave the shelter and all the staff were feeling bittersweet, sorry to see her go but so very happy her new life was starting. After time spent in her rehabilitation and socialization, allowing her to have lots of “hands on”, love and attention, daily play sessions and focused obedience, she was able to meet prospects to become her new family.  Now, Annabel has a totally new life!  She has been adopted by a loving home with a beautiful, large back yard, has her own cozy bed indoors and lots of care.  These are the happy endings we strive for and makes all of the effort beyond worth it!